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modern kitchen design & visualizations for private investor
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What does a modern kitchen look like?
What do you think of modern kitchen? Current trends are those with a simple, straight minimalist design. Without unnecessary accessories and especially with a touch of luxury. These elements are particularly evident in the shape and construction of the doors. They are dominated by straight lines and geometric austerity. The door surface is usually smooth. If the door consists of several parts, they are always perpendicular to each other. They do not leave rectangular shapes.
Jigsaw puzzle for every space
The horizontal line is dominant when assembling kitchens. Kitchen kits have mainly practical drawers with full drawers. They are absolutely clear and allow easy manipulation. The vertical aspect of the kitchen is also considered. Making the cabinets fully usable, they are not unnecessarily high, and opening with the help of the hinged systems. It makes it possible to prepare food comfortably even when the door is open. Preventing possible accidents.
Color variations
The course is currently monochromatic door. To keep the kitchen from being austere, it is popular to use a color accent. In the form of an open shelf or a contrasting back panel. The clean, direct purist door line is not disturbed by any handles. That replace the increasingly popular push system. When using it, just push the door and then open it yourself. If you need door handles in your new kitchen, they can be flush into the door. It can create a compact and harmonious unit.
How to light the kitchen
Lighting of the kitchen is no less important part of its choice. Besides the practical task the set as a whole also aesthetically completes. In the case of minimalist kitchens, it is advisable to reach for LED lighting. Thanks to its minimal dimensions, it is predestined for installation into the interior of the cabinets. Backlighting of the plinth part, but also for illumination of the worktop. A significant plus of this lighting is its long life and low consumption.
Kitchen connected to the living room
In modernly designed apartments and houses there are extremely popular open day sections that connect the kitchen with dining room and living room into one large space. The boundary between the kitchen and the living room can be optically delimited. By a stylish yet absolutely practical kitchen island that expands the desktop. Or it can also be used for dining. With such a solution, it is necessary to consider not only the choice of kitchen, but also the living room. They should create a harmonious whole without disturbing moments.
Ergonomics, what is it?
Regardless of the size of the kitchen, the space in the kitchen may never be enough. In order to make your kitchen feel comfortable, it is essential to consider the principles of ergonomics. Mainly when designing it. Thanks to them you will always have everything at hand. Work in the kitchen will not be a suffering but a pleasure. Each kitchen zone (working, cooking or washing) has its specifics. They must correspond to the overall concept of the kitchen. For example, modern swivel mechanisms can make use of hard-to-reach corners. Thanks to the organizers you can quickly get a complete overview of what the drawers conceal etc.


modern kitchen interior design visualiztion in wood and white